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Long Island mom's Glovies invention protects little hands

A Long Island mom invented Glovies -- multipurpose

A Long Island mom invented Glovies -- multipurpose gloves for kids. Credit: Newsday / Lorina Capitulo

Josephine Geraci’s big idea germinated – excuse the pun – during a trip to a public restroom when her oldest child was 3. The Lloyd Neck mom was so horrified by the germs in that bathroom that she didn’t want him to touch anything.

She invented a disposable, waterproof kids’ mitten that he could wear to protect his hands, along the lines of disposable latex gloves. When she tried to sell them, people kept asking her if they could use them for other reasons – to keep kids’ hands clean when baking, or when painting, or when doing other arts and crafts activities. Geraci kept having to answer "No."

So she decided to morph her product into something that could address all those desires – Glovies, which are five-finger, latex-free, disposable plastic gloves in the size of children’s little hands. They fit ages approximately 2 to 9. Glovies has been on the market since August. A box with 25 pairs is $4.99, a box of 50 pairs is $8.99 at or

“It makes me so proud,” Geraci says of bringing her idea to market. She says she’s sold thousands of boxes so far. Her kids – they’re now 12, 10 and 8, help her send out the orders.

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