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Ripley, one of the new year’s first babies, arrives on LI

Andrea Milauskas cradles her daughter Ripley Estrella after

Andrea Milauskas cradles her daughter Ripley Estrella after giving birth at Long Island Jewish Medical Center shortly after midnight on New Year's Day, Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017. Credit: Jeff Bachner

Graced with an otherworldly cuteness, Ripley Milauskas first breathed Earth’s air at 12:27 a.m.

She was a New Year’s Day baby born to sci-fi fans Andrea and Will Milauskas at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park.

“Me and my husband really love the movie ‘Alien’ . . . and the main character’s name is Ripley,” the first-time mother, 29, said as she cradled her newborn in her hospital room. “She moved a lot while I was pregnant with her, so it just felt like an alien inside me.”

Ripley, born healthy at 7.5 pounds and 21 inches, was almost as silent as outer space while she slept in her mother’s arms.

The baby’s father had gone back to work as a handyman at an Upper East Side building, but her mother’s parents, John and Marie Patsko, sat by the window, having traveled from upstate New Windsor.

In her pink-bowed cap, the little girl didn’t seem like she could howl as loud as any movie creature, but her grandfather had heard her cry.

“You could hear her down the hallway,” John Patsko said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Ripley is just one of more than a dozen New Year’s Day babies born at Long Island Jewish Medical Center.

Not all reports are in, but Long Island’s first baby of 2017 may be a 6-pound, 8-ounce girl born at 12:17 a.m. at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, officials said. Her parents did not want to comment.

For the Milauskas couple, the “alien” did not arrive at warp speed, skipping her Thursday due date.

Andrea Milauskas, who sews costumes for the Rockettes, battled not a spaceship invader but painful contractions that started 7 p.m. Friday at her Middle Village home. She was admitted Saturday.

Her husband had hoped the baby could squeeze into the last moments of 2016, with grandfather-to-be John Patsko betting it’d be 11:58 p.m.

“We were really hoping for the 31st so we’d get the tax break” for 2016, the mother half joked.

But at midnight, with Will by her side, Andrea feted 2017 with ice cubes — no drinking and eating for moms in labor. Moments later, the contractions grew stronger. She was told to push and Ripley landed.

“When she was placed on my chest, she opened her eyes right away and she looked at me,” Milauskas said. Next, Ripley gazed at her father, she said: “It was just really sweet, like a bonding moment for us.”

By naming their daughter Ripley, the orbit of their love story has traveled back to the beginning. When the two were dating, they’d talked about what they liked. When they each mentioned the movie “Alien,” it was like the planets had aligned.

For their daughter’s middle name, Milauskas said, they chose Estrella, which is “star” in Spanish and was the name of Andrea’s grandmother, who died a few weeks ago.

Soon, Ripley will go home to a room with framed pictures of unicorns and other medieval delights.

“It’s all I think I ever wanted to be,” the new mother said. “We can’t wait to raise her.”

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