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Long Island singer Keri Wirth releases new music CD

Keri Wirth of Syosset is out with a

Keri Wirth of Syosset is out with a new children's CD called "Me and You." Credit: Donnie Klang

Keri Wirth, a Syosset mom of two, is out with a new CD called “Me and You,” with songs like “3 Cheers 4 the Bugs”and “The Kosciuszko Bridge.”

Her career as a children’s performer began when, she says, she found working in her original career as a physical therapist less fulfilling than she’d hoped. She’d always liked singing, but was very anxious performing in front of adults.

“I had a lot of stage fright. I loved recording, I loved singing, but being in front of an audience was really scary for me for a while. I thought, ‘Let me just try in front of children. They’re really honest,’ ” she says.

To her surprise, she says, she loved performing for moms and kids in “mommy and me” settings, reveling in the bond she felt sharing music created between baby and parent. “I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world,” she says.

Her daughter, Penelope, now 7, became her muse. “I basically started writing about everything she pointed to when she was 2 or 3. If there was an ant, I started singing about the bugs,” she says. That’s how the song “3 Cheers 4 the Bugs” was born.

And the Kosciuszko Bridge song? That arose as they were driving to visit cousins in Brooklyn, driving on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. “I had no idea what this bridge was called,” she says. “I couldn’t even pronounce it. I had to look it up.”

Other songs on the album include “Coriander & Beets” and “Under My Umbrella.”

Wirth, 41, now has two kids — Penelope and a son, Montgomery, 2. She gives music classes at the Sandbox Playspace, 51 Gibson Ave., Huntington. Six one-hour sessions for kids from newborn to age 3 cost $150; for information visit or call 631-421-1600. To buy Wirth’s CD for $10, visit

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