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Main St. Board Game Cafe opens in Huntington

Some of the hundreds of board games available

Some of the hundreds of board games available to players at Main St. Board Game Cafe, which has opened in Huntington. Credit: Newsday/Corin Hirsch

Downtown Huntington does not lack for places to eat and, especially, drink — but spots for teenagers (or even grandparents) to face off across A Game of Thrones board game? Not so much, thought Neil Goldberg.

On Wednesday, Goldberg addressed that gap by opening Main St. Board Game Cafe, carting in hundreds of board games from his personal collection for children, teens and adults to play. Also on hand are coffee, soft drinks and snacks such as pretzel sticks and pizza egg rolls.

"Games are a hobby of mine," says Goldberg, who was laid off about two years ago from his job as a sports producer at NY1. "I think my wife is glad to have them out of the basement."

The airy 20-seat café has board games for sale in the front and 150 or so more board games in the back, available for play; the latter are divided into categories such as cooperative (Sonar, Mysterium), dice-rolling (Dice Forge, Yahtzee) and "area control" (Smallwood, Game of Thrones). Role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons will be led by experienced organizers, says Goldberg.

Gamers pay between $5 (for children 12 and under) and $10 (for those 13 and over, though the price may dip during certain times of the week) for several hours at a table with the games of their choosing. Guests who just want to sip illy coffee or eat snacks such as ham and cheese sandwiches ($8) or nachos ($4) can opt to sit at a counter without paying an extra fee for play.

Goldberg, who was inspired by similar places he's seen in New York City, says he hopes the café can double as a place for kids to face off after school as well as an after-dinner place for adults to compete; for now, hours are 11 a..m. to 11 p.m. daily. Come fall, Goldberg will roll out an after-school program that enables parents to leave their children for a few hours of supervised gaming in the afternoon.

Main St. Board Game Cafe, 307 Main St., Huntington. 631-729-0060.

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