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Music videos make parents look good -- and bad

A scene from

A scene from "Running Errands With My Mom," a Cartoon Network music video (2013) Credit: Handout

I want to thank Cartoon Network and the music video “Errands With My Mom” for not making adults look like the tools that modern culture seems hell bent on making them appear.

Featured in the cable network’s sketch comedy series “Incredible Crew,” the song follows a teen named "P," who, at dismissal, is invited by his friends to play video games and “prank call some girls.” When his mother pulls up in the family minivan and yells for him ("Petey!" she says), he launches into a rap that he’s “running errands with my mom.”

Girls swoon as he drives by, and as he acts gangster tough, it’s soon revealed that he is celebrating his mother and what she has to do that afternoon (go to the bank, get her hair done, pick up his little sister at dance) as he rides shotgun “like a nice young man.” After all, she’s “as cool as ice,” he raps.

My 9-year-old and I stopped what we were doing when the video came on TV, and at the end he seemed so incredulous that a teenager would show an elder respect that he asked me several times, “Was he making fun of his mother?” (I do admit, the unnecessarily goofy and dowdy mom character would have been an easy target for deserved ridicule.)

Just as I stumbled across the clip and shared it with friends on Facebook, news came over about another music video that doesn’t make grownups look too cool – “Coke Ain’t A Bad Word” by 9-year-old rapper Lil Poopy.

Thanks to a Massachusetts child welfare investigation into the video, which features young Luie Rivera Jr. hitting a woman’s backside and flaunting large wads of cash as he sings, “Coke is not a bad word," his parents may now be in some deep doo-doo.


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