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Musician Jon Bon Jovi photobombs LI mom’s company photo shoot

Jon Bon Jovi jumped into a photo for

Jon Bon Jovi jumped into a photo for Long Island online boutique Kamari Kids, joining models Joe Quinlan, 4, of Rockville Centre, and fraternal twins Alex and Nick Yiakoumatos, 9, of Massachusetts. Credit: Kamari Kids / Josephine Carlier

In an unexpected “epic photo bomb,” musician Jon Bon Jovi jumped into a photo shoot with kids modeling rock and roll clothes for a Long Island mompreneur’s company, making bunny ears above one boy’s head.

Sabrina Drazic of Manhasset, co-founder and owner of Kamari Kids, was with six children taking photos in Manhattan’s West Village on Oct. 8 for her 2-year-old online-only boutique’s fall and winter Look Book. carries rock and roll inspired children’s clothing curated from about 20 companies.

One of the adults in the group had taken a walk and noticed that Bon Jovi was in a bookstore around the corner. Cynthia Litman of Port Washington, mom of girl model Casey, 9, walked over and explained about the photo shoot and asked Bon Jovi if he would join in. “My pulse was racing,” Litman says. “He said, ‘Sure.’ I told him Sabrina might have a heart attack.”

Drazic was about a block away with three of the models and photographer Josephina Carlier; they were oblivious to what was happening. “All of a sudden I see all of the moms and the rest of the kids and this man coming down the street,” Drazic says. “In my head I was, like, ‘Is that Bon Jovi?’ He had a baseball hat on and sunglasses.”

The rocker jumped into the photos. “It was an epic photo bomb,” says Drazic, a 43-year-old mom of 13-year-old twin girls. “I told him I was a huge fan and had a life-size photo of him in my room when I was a kid.”

Tim Quinlan, 35, of Rockville Centre, who is the dad of model Joe Quinlan, 4, was stunned to see the rocker be so playful with the kids. “It was really wild,” Quinlan says. “He was such a great guy. It was just a very New York moment.”

The whole thing happened really quickly, Drazic says, and after that, she gave up on doing any more work. “No one could concentrate anymore,” she says.

Kamari Kids, incidentally, sells a Bon Jovi shirt for $40, Drazic says: “I can’t believe I didn’t have one of the kids wearing it.”

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