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NBC's Natalie Morales talks new 'Dateline' series, parenting and more

NBC's Natalie Morales hosts a new "Dateline" series,

NBC's Natalie Morales hosts a new "Dateline" series, "My Kid Would Never Do That," airing Sunday, June 7, 2015. Credit: NBC

Natalie Morales of NBC's "Today" is returning to "Dateline" with the return of "My Kid Would Never Do That," which addresses how children react in difficult situations.

The four-part series kicks off on Sunday at 8 p.m., airing throughout the month of June. The hidden camera series will look at how kids respond in challenging situations when they think no one is watching: stranger danger, gun safety, sex and cyberbullying. As the kids are tested, their parents and Morales observe from Dateline's "watchmobile." As the eye-opening results unfold, experts share real-life strategies to help children when difficult circumstances arise.

Morales, a mother of two boys, said the show impacted her own family life and there are lessons for all to learn.

"Three years ago when 'My Kid Would Never Do That' first aired, I tested my son, Josh, in the stranger danger episode," she said. "He was eight at the time and failed the test. He learned so much from that though and now that he's in middle school and has more independence, I wanted to retest him again. We had a stranger lure him and a friend with a video game truck. I can't tell you how he did but will just say watch what happens Sunday night. I think every parent will learn that we have to keep the conversation going, especially as our kids become tweens and teens, they become even more vulnerable to predators."

We caught up with Morales about balancing her work and family life, favorite things to do with her kids and more. Take a look.

What is your best advice for working moms?

"It's advice I have to give myself daily, which is to not put so much pressure on myself to be everything to everybody. My most important job is making sure my kids are healthy -- both physicaly and emotionally -- safe and turning into good little people. As long as that's happening, we are doing a great job. So as much as I can bemoan all the things I'm not doing right, I try and look at the positive."

How do you deal with "mom guilt?"

"We all have it -- whether you work or stay at home. There is no way around it. I try and be 100 percent there for my kids when I'm home and give 100 percent to my job when I'm at work. But one thing I'm finding myself doing a lot more of lately, and I encourage everyone to do it, is learn to say 'no.' No one seems to keep count of all the times I say yes anyway, except for my kids, who remember when I miss out on important things. So 'no' is my new power word."

What is one thing people may not know about you?

"I love to cook with my family and our best hour of the day is when we get to sit around the dinner table and talk about our day. We don't always get to do it, as my kids are becoming competitive soccer players and have lots of practice, but when we do have a free day, it's important to spend that time together."

What are your favorite things to do as a family during the summer?

"We take long walks or bike rides. We also play family soccer matches."

Favorite things to do with kids in NYC?

"The High Line or Central Park for picnics and walks, and we love to explore restaurants on the weekends when most people are out of the city."


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