Breast-feeding moms know the struggle of adjusting clothing and baby to get into the right position, and this device might help avoid the clumsiness: The LatchPal Breastfeeding Clip holds up mom’s shirt to make it easier for baby to feed and mom to move. Comes in Silver Sparkle, Pink Stripe, Gray Chevron or Dots. $14.95 at

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The Tum Tum is a tummy warmer — a wearable blanket that slips over baby’s torso to warm baby’s core while allowing freedom to play and ability to sleep soundly. The Tum Tum can be worn from baby to age 2, but must fit snugly around the baby’s torso right underneath baby’s arms to avoid suffocation hazard. Do not use the Tum Tum with an undersized infant. $32 each at

The FeverFrida takes a child’s armpit temperature every four seconds so parents and baby can sleep soundly. A hydrogel patch keeps the FeverFrida in place day or night. Parents set the temperature in an app and an alarm will go off if baby’s temperature reaches that number. App can also track when medication was administered to remind parents via text or email when a new dose is needed. $69.99 at Babies R Us, Toys R Us and other retailers. — Beth Whitehouse