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New Jennifer Lopez Barbie lacks curves

The new J. Lo Barbie has come under

The new J. Lo Barbie has come under fire for lacking the singer's notable curves. Credit: Twitter

While she may be iconic and beloved in the world of children's toys, Barbie has been no stranger to criticism over the years. The doll's super-slim figure has often been a point of contention among parents and consumers who worry that it may be encouraging unhealthy expectations of body image in young girls.

Despite this years-old argument, Mattel seems to have fallen into the trap yet again with the introduction of its new J. Lo Barbie, styled after Jennifer Lopez, a singer whose curves are perhaps more famous than her voice.

Those curves are noticeably absent in the new doll, which comes in both a red carpet gown and a tour-inspired bodysuit.

I don't know about you, but this curveless piece of plastic is not the "Jenny from the Block" that I know and love. Plus, the message it sends to young fans is overtly negative.

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