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'New Mom Comics' highlights the first year of parenting

Many parents would agree, the first year of their baby's life is filled with much joy and some challenges. And while it takes a village, sometimes a reassuring pat on the back can help new parents get through those first few months.

Alison Wong, author and creator of "New Mom Comics The First Year," based her new book on her own experience as a mom. Her cartoons chronicle the first year of parenting with more than 55 comics on the everyday realities of parenting.

Here, we highlight 10 cartoons from the book that are sure you keep you laughing through all the sleepless nights.

Escape artist

Credit: Alison Wong

"We received swaddling blankets as gifts, but we never seemed to swaddle him tight enough," said Wong. "Velcro swaddles all the way!"

With bated breath

Credit: Alison Wong

"Coughing, cracking knees, creaking floors. The slightest noise would wake up the baby. I had to hold in so many sneezes," she said.

New moms are superheros

Credit: Alison Wong

"That first Mother's Day completely changes its meaning. I felt more thankful for my own mother and very grateful to be a mother," Wong said.

Open 24 hours

Credit: Alison Wong

"The 3 a.m. feedings were a mix of reading mommy blogs and adding stuff to shopping carts," said Wong. "It's amazing that some things would show up the next day."

3-6M XXS

Credit: Alison Wong

"Friends and family gave us such nice outfits, I naively packed away so many of them thinking they were way too big, only to have him outgrow them before they could be worn," said Wong. "Oops!"

Back seat driver

Credit: Alison Wong

"After this, I got a headrest mirror," Wong said in the book. "But sometimes, I still worry. You can't win!"

Guilty pleasure

Credit: Alison Wong

"Solo shopping trips are so amazing," she said. "To casually browse aisles by yourself, what a treat! With the baby, I tried to avoid all lines."

Natural additives

Credit: Alison Wong

"Of all the new questions new parents ask themselves, I found myself asking 'How much sand should I let him eat?' more often than not," she said.

Name calling

Credit: Alison Wong

"We came up with so many nicknames for him all the time," she said. "We figure we have tons of time to call him by his real name later."


Credit: Alison Wong

"There's really only so much you can do to babyproof the house," said Wong. "He always manages to find some new 'hazard area' we forgot about. Or the occasional door ... so sorry!"


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