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New study reveals mobile devices distract moms from parenting

A new report recently revealed that moms are

A new report recently revealed that moms are more attached to technology than ever. Credit: iStock

It seems like kids are becoming more addicted to technology each day, and it turns out; they’re not the only ones.

A new report from recently revealed that moms are more attached to technology than ever with over 90 percent admitting to checking mobile devices like smartphones and tablets during daily activities such as shopping, watching TV and cooking. Eighty percent even confessed to bringing their phones to the bathroom.

One in every three moms also admitted that this obsession distracts them from parenting.

Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist and contributer, said some women may be welcoming this digital distraction as a way of connecting to a world outside of the mommy bubble.

“Smartphones provide Mom with much-needed access to friends, family, and the outside world when she might otherwise be restricted by her children’s schedules,” she said in a press release, noting that new moms are especially vulnerable to this type of behavior.

But it’s not all bad. While technology can pull focus from everyday parenting duties, it can also help make those tasks easier to manage. The study showed that over 80 percent of moms use device features like banking apps, digital calendars and children’s games to stay organized and keep kids entertained on the go.

So what’s a mom to do? As with everything else, moderation is key. Don’t ditch your devices for good, but don’t be afraid to put them down every once in awhile either.

Click here to see the study in full and to find out more about moms and mobile devices.


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