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New York Giants Eli Manning talks family life and more

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently spoke with New York

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently spoke with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning about his family life and how he balances it all. Credit: Celebrity Baby Scoop

This past Father’s Day, Oral-B honored dads with the help of Eli Manning, New York Giants quarterback and proud dad, and March of Dimes, an organization that celebrates mothers and fathers every day.

Manning, 33, has had great success on the field. But his most cherished memories have nothing to do with roaring crowds, smart plays or perfect passes. Celebrity Baby Scoop spoke with Eli about spending time with his family, his father -- football great Archie Manning -- and his two young daughters – Ava, 3, and Lucy, 1.

Q. Tell us about your partnership with Oral-B and the March of Dimes. How did you get involved? What inspired you to participate in this Father’s Day celebration?

I’m thrilled to partner with Oral-B and March of Dimes because being a dad is my most important responsibility. As a young boy, I can remember throwing around the football with my dad in the front yard and now, I get to make my own special memories with my daughters. I’m proud to partner with Oral-B and March of Dimes to celebrate those little moments between fathers and children, no matter where they live or what they do.

Q. How influential has your dad been in your parenting style? What do you admire most about your dad?

My dad has been extremely influential in my parenting style. I admire that my dad always set a good example about being a good sport. After a game, my dad didn’t care about winning or losing. He would give us a hug and remind us not take it too seriously. My dad also never tried to live his athletic career or aspirations through me and my brothers – if we wanted help with a play or throw, he would of course help us, but we’d have to ask.

Q. What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing as a family?

As a family, we enjoy being outside as much as possible and playing games together. We have a lot of energy and lots of activities to keep us busy.

Q. You keep a busy travel schedule during football season, how do you find balance between football and family?

When I come home after a game, I try to leave the game behind me and really focus on my family and being a good dad. Time goes by quickly, so I try to enjoy every moment I have with my family.

Q. The 2014 football season looks to be a good one, which matchups are you most looking forward to?

As a team, we’re feeling very good about the upcoming season and confident in our new offensive system. Each week is going to be a good challenge for us.

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