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Organic foods for kids: 10 to splurge on

Splurge on organic milk for your kids.

Splurge on organic milk for your kids. Credit: iStock

Every once in a while, my husband will float the idea that we switch from organic milk to regular milk because the organic is so much more expensive. But I always put the kibosh on that notion. My son drinks so much milk that my brother-in-law once suggested that when we come to visit for the weekend we bring our own cow. I want all that milk going into him to be as natural as possible.

Milk shows up repeatedly on lists of products parents should splurge for if they can’t afford to buy everything organic for their kids. It’s on this one as well, which was put out recently by AARP The Magazine. Here’s are the 10 foods they say you should spend more on to avoid pesticides and hormones:




Ground beef

Canned tomatoes



Supermarket sushi


Local foods

I’m surprised strawberries aren’t on that list, as I’ve always heard they are another fruit worth investing in to buy organically grown. What products do you always buy organic for your family?

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