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Organize your playroom in 5 easy steps

Parenting blogger Jamielyn Nye of iHeartNaptime and HomeGoods

Parenting blogger Jamielyn Nye of iHeartNaptime and HomeGoods teamed up to provide five tips for organizing your child's playroom. Credit: Homegoods

Walk into my house on any given day and you'll be bombarded with toys. My children's “stuff” is not only in their playroom but also in our living room, their bedrooms and even in the backyard. We've started putting away toys that they no longer play with, but that only makes more room for the barrage of other products that are slowly taking over our house.

I know I'm not alone. In fact, parenting bloggers are tackling this subject. JamieLyn Nye, founder of the blog iHeartNaptime, teamed up with HomeGoods to provide five organizational tips for creating a whimsical playroom for kids. Take a look:

1. Use big baskets as a catch-all for toys. Wicker baskets are a convenient and classy way to hide toys and gadgets in the living room. They come in different sizes and work great for storing blankets, pillows or even shoes, too.

2. Display small toys in clear containers. Use a kitchen container to store Play-Doh and miscellaneous toys. Add a chalkboard label to dress it up. You can also use cookie cutters and rolling pins for the kids to cut and roll out the Play-Doh. The kids love this activity and it keeps the toys organized in a pretty container.

3. Get creative with alternative organizers. Turn a condiment holder into a unique toy holder. The kids can stack blocks inside and it turns into a fun piece of decor on the book shelf.

4. Show off toys in a brightly colored basket. Flip over a garden stool or table to store balls and toys. This piece adds a unique touch to your living space, but also keeps the toys organized.

5. Keep coloring books in order with a dish rack. Use a dish rack to store coloring books and art work. This fun piece will keep the books organized and will be an easy access for the kids to keep the space clean.

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