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Parenting trends for 2019, according to Pinterest

Parents, get ready to see toy subscriptions, enchanted forests and geometric patterns in 2019.

Pinterest unveiled its fifth annual top trend predictions for parents and kids in 2019, based on the steady increase in searches of popular categories on the platform from the previous year. Take a peek at what Pinterest says will be the sought-after parenting trends in 2019.

Birth stats as art

Credit: Pinterest

There’s a new way to commemorate the birth of your baby: A decorative layout with the child’s birth date, time, weight and length. The signs can be hung up in the baby's room or displayed on a shelf or bookcase. Pinterest saw a 315 percent increase in searches for “birth stats sign,” which gives a personal and stylish touch to nurseries.  

Toy subscriptions

Credit: Pinterest

Toy subscriptions allow kids to easily swap out toys, and for parents to worry less about the hassle of a crowded playroom. This rising trend saw a 313 percent spike in searches in the last year, according to Pinterest.

Scavenger hunts

Credit: Pinterest

Keeping kids occupied is no new obstacle for parents. Scavenger hunts are an exciting way to keep kids active at birthday parties and on playdates, or can be a unique part of a fun day with the family. According to Pinterest, searches for “birthday scavenger hunt” jumped by 302 percent in 2018.

Geometric patterns

Credit: Pinterest

Playful, geometric patterns are making their way into kids’ rooms, with “geometric décor” seeing a whopping 1,178 percent increase in searches, according to Pinterest. The designs can be found on blankets, crib bedding, rugs, curtains and more.


Digital books may be a thing of the past with parents now turning to audiobooks during story time. Pinterest says there was a 126 percent rise in searches for “audio storytellers” last year.

Rustic revisions

Credit: Pinterest

Between cribs, dressers, changing tables and more, parents are adding a mixture of rough and worn, yet warm and soft touches to their children’s rooms. In 2018, the search for “rustic nursery ideas” jumped by 136 percent, according to Pinterest.

Enchanted woods

Credit: Pinterest

Parents and kids alike are getting lost in the enchanted forest theme with fairies, indoor trees and mushroom chairs, according to Pinterest. The site saw searches for “enchanted forest party theme” increase by 238 percent in the last year.

Smart sleepers

Credit: Pinterest

Pinterest says it noticed an 851 percent jump in the search for “smart bassinets,” which respond to your baby’s cries and automatically rocks them. The crib is designed to help your baby sleep soundly, and maybe help you catch some more shut-eye as well.  

House beds

Credit: Pinterest

Parents are taking the trend of tiny homes to their children’s bedrooms. Instead of a traditional bed frame, parents build (or buy) what looks like the outline of a house around the bed. It’s a new, charming take on a transitional bed for tots. Pinterest recorded a 90 percent rise in “house frame floor beds” over the last year.

Wireless breast pumping

Credit: Pinterest

New moms are looking for easier ways to pump their breast milk. According to Pinterest there was an increase of 114 percent in “wireless breast pump.” This hands-free pump provides a hassle and chord-free experience.

Godparent proposals

Credit: Pinterest

There are wedding proposals and bridesmaid proposals, and now godparent proposals are being added to the mix. Parents are searching for special ways to ask their close family or friends to accept the role in their child’s life. Pinterest says it saw a 152 percent spike in “godparent proposal” searches in 2018.  

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