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Parents magazine launches ‘Pregnancy Confidential’ podcast

Parenting magazine's

Parenting magazine's "Pregnancy Confidential" podcast is available free on iTunes. Credit: iStock

Parents magazine has launched its first podcast, “Pregnancy Confidential,” and dropped all 32 episodes at once, Netflix-style, so expectant parents can tune in to the episode that aligns precisely with where they are in their pregnancy, beginning at week 9.

“Pregnancy Confidential” serves as a week-by-week guide for expectant moms and dads, providing information, advice, companionship and empathy all throughout pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, you care about very different topics in week 12 than in week 32.

Each episode includes segments such as “My Baby Is How Big?” and “Don’t Sweat It!” a segment that focuses on something expectant parents can stop worrying about.

The podcast is available for free on iTunes.

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