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Pole Position Raceway offers free go-kart race for leap day birthdays

If you were born on leap day, Pole

If you were born on leap day, Pole Position Raceway in Farmingdale is offering one free race to anyone who can prove a Feb. 29 birthdate. Credit: Pole Position Raceway

Born on leap day? Pole Position Raceway, 40 Daniel St. in Farmingdale, is offering one free race to anyone born on Feb. 29. Celebrants must redeem the race on the 29th and present a valid form of ID, such as a birth certificate.

The electric-powered go-kart races will take place on the facility’s Super G track, which combines two quarter-mile tracks into a half-mile of racing action. That race would normally cost $30 for an adult, $27 for a junior 48 inches tall to 58 inches tall, including the $5 mandatory race license.

“We are excited to help leaplings celebrate the day they so patiently wait for, their actual birthday,” Karen Davis-Farage, president and co-owner of the Pole Position Raceway venues in the East, said in a new release. “Since leaplings only get the opportunity to celebrate their actual birthday every four years, we wanted to go the extra mile and host them for a free race to ensure it is one that they never forget.”

For more information, call 631-752-7223 or visit

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