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Potty training? Coming soon: The iPotty

The iPotty from DTA Digital, due out in

The iPotty from DTA Digital, due out in March 2013, will let kids play on the iPad while going about their business. Credit: Handout

I suppose it was destined to happen: the iPotty.

CTA Digital is launching a plastic potty for toddlers with an attachment where parents can perch an iPad, so junior can play while toilet training. I guess if Mom or Dad can read magazines on the throne, it stands to reason that the next generation might want to be able to peruse more modern technology while they go about their business.

“Potty training can be a challenge for even the most patient parent, and many children already love learning and playing with the iPad and apps at a young age, so we've received a lot of positive feedback from moms and dads who believe the iPotty is a great solution to help make the process a little easier and more fun for them and their children,” states a product release information sheet from the Brooklyn-based company.

"This is just a tool to facilitate the process, so the child can be seated comfortably and long enough for everything to go well," says CTA product specialist Camilo Gallardo.

CTA assures parents that the iPotty keeps the iPad protected from potential accidents. Projected cost is $39.99 (iPad not included), and it should be available on in March.

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