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Why I rented maternity clothes is a website that lets customers borrow is a website that lets customers borrow maternity clothing by the week or month. Pictured is a blue criss-cross front wrap dress by maker Olian Maternity, which rents for $30 a month. Credit: Handout

Expensive and unflattering — that’s been my general finding while shopping for maternity clothes. So I’ve been subsisting the past few months on rental maternity wear from

It’s a novel idea: The site stocks a respectable selection of current-season maternity dresses, tops and pants/skirts by makers you find in boutiques and nicer retail stores (think Japanese Weekend, Olian). But instead of shopping for keeps, you’re just borrowing the items to wear for a couple of weeks or months —  perfect, since anyone who’s gone through pregnancy can tell you how sick you get of wearing the same things over and over.

For me, the value of MineforNine is in the pricing and flexibility — items are loaned out in two-week intervals or by the month. I’ve borrowed work-appropriate tops for as little as $12/month, wrap dresses for $19-$30 each, even an expensive-looking satin dress to wear to a fall wedding for a mere $29. In all cases, it’s cost about a third of what I’d pay to buy the same items new.

Prices include dry-cleaning (you mail your items back worn, they’re cleaned for the next borrower) and if your order is more than $75, you get free two-way shipping.

Other perks: MineforNine will send items in two sizes — for free — so you can see what fits better. Returns are made easy with postage-provided labels and envelopes.

Fall in love with something you’ve borrowed? You can seamlessly buy it (the price is discounted if it had previously been worn by others).

All told, it’s a pretty painless way to dress yourself.

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