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Review: Mom's Pocket Posh books

Mom's Pocket Posh

Mom's Pocket Posh Credit: Handout

Moms who want to go a little old school will enjoy Mom's Pocket Posh, the latest installment in the Pocket Posh series of activity books that fit neatly inside almost any purse at a fit and trim 4 by 6 inches with its fashionable covers and convenient elastic band closures.

The "100 Puzzles & Games to Play With Your Kids" books (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $7.99), for two age groups, are an anti-iPad-Kindle-Fire-anything-electronic-to-occupy-the-kiddies puzzle collection. My 8-year-old son began doing the puzzles before even asking him. He quickly got through the edition for children ages 4 to 6; the one for ages 7 to 12 required some assistance, but that's the point — as the title says, these are activities "to play with your kids."

Each book comes with a free 90-day subscription to The Puzzle Society for access to online puzzles.

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