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Review: Skeeter Snack's nut-free cookies

Chocolate Chunk cookies by Skeet Snacks.

Chocolate Chunk cookies by Skeet Snacks. Credit: Handout

On a recent trip to BJ’s, the elder of the two cookie monsters in our home was eyeing some chocolate chip cookies in the bakery department. But because the cookies were made in a facility that uses peanuts, we had to pass because our son is severely allergic to them.

So I was cautiously optimistic when I received an email from the folks at Skeeter Snacks, a company that makes nut-free cookies. Often the nut-free cookies we've tried are high in price and low in good taste.

The company was started a year ago by longtime friends Dave Leyrer of Los Angeles and Pete Najarian of Westport, Conn. The business partners have two daughters each, and both of their younger girls are severely allergic to peanut and tree nuts.

“This was really personal for us,” said Leyrer, whose daughters are 5 and 3. Their goal, the partners said, was not to build a cookie company, but build a snack brand that is guaranteed to be safe and nut free. Taste was also important added Najarian, whose daughters are 15 and 12, or “we weren’t going to do it." They wanted a snack that tasted great to everybody, not just nut-allergy suffers.

And I have to say we were pleasantly surprised at how good the Chocolate Chunk, Golden Oatmeal and Skeeterdoodle cookies tasted but the real test would come from our son, Jonathan.

I recently handed him a Chocolate Chunk as he played and waited for his response. Those and the oatmeal cookies were a hit. None of us were overly excited by the Skeeterdoodles, but they still tasted better than other nut-free cookies we've sampled. Be on the lookout for their Triple Chocolate cookie, coming soon.

Expected to hit retailers later in the summer, the cookies are priced at a box of six two-packs for $3.99 and can be ordered at

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