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Ringling Bros. still the greatest show on earth, for most

The Torres Family in the Globe of Steel.

The Torres Family in the Globe of Steel. Credit: Feld Media

The last time I took my son to the circus he wore pants with an elastic waist. Now that he is in the second smallest size of men’s jeans, I wondered if he would still consider it to be one of the greatest shows on earth, especially when he didn’t jump up and down this time when I told him we were going opening weekend in Brooklyn.

Even for a growing 10-year-old boy, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus production of "LEGENDS!" delivers a tent full of fun. Coming March 5 to Nassau Coliseum, there's a lot for the little ones (there's a horse dressed like a unicorn!), something for the dads (imagine beautiful acrobats who do tricks while hanging by their long ponytailed hair), something for the moms (please remember to close your mouth while watching Alexander Lacey, the lion-taming dreamboat) and something for the tweens.

Harrison’s favorite moment was the Globe of Steel. Eight members of the Torres family rode their motorcycles inside a 16-foot steel globe — at 65 mph. After that, it was Alex Petrov riding a motorcycle — on a high wire in front of us — with aerialists dangling from the vehicle.

Harrison agreed that the elephants, horses and other creatures were amazing, “except, I felt bad for the animals,” Harrison said, having been shouted at on the way to Barclays Center by protesters ringing the entrance. I didn’t mind their being there --- I don't believe in shielding the boy from discourse, however brutal it may be. But it struck me how a circus isn’t just a circus anymore, not recalling such a scene when I took Harrison as a toddler. At least he got to enjoy his cotton candy without guilt.

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