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Running a 5K: Embracing setbacks

Accepting setbacks are part of training.

Accepting setbacks are part of training. Credit: iStock

As with anything in life, week three of 5k training didn't go as planned. About a month ago, I banged my lower shin on a glider in my daughter's room. It was a pretty bad bruise but I figured it would just take a bit longer to heal.

After running early in the week, I noticed the area on my lower leg that I bruised was now red and swollen. The next day I went to the doctor who determined it was a slight case of cellulitis, a skin infection that is sometimes caused by an injury. She told me to stop running while it healed and to take antibiotics for a week.

I was crushed since I was so determined to keep up with the training. I called Adele Atkin, founder of and my training coach to tell her I needed to take a break.

Setbacks are disappointing but as Adele said, sometimes the things we want that don't happen when we want them to are blessings in disguise. She told me to look at it as just a delay and she assured me that I can pick up where I left off, once my leg healed. It was just what I needed to hear.

So last week instead of running I took my daughter on long walks and found solace in knowing that I will be back on track soon enough.

How have you handled setbacks in terms of training or in life?

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