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'Single Adoptive Parents' book review

"Single Adoptive Parents" by Sherry Fine and Lee

"Single Adoptive Parents" by Sherry Fine and Lee Varon (Bookstand Publishing; $12) helps those contemplating adopting as a single parent. Credit: Handout

If you are contemplating adopting as a single parent, or have already, you may want to read a relatively new book, “Single Adoptive Parents: Our Stories,” by Sherry Fine and Lee Varon (Bookstand Publishing; $12).

Authors Fine and Varon, two single adoptive moms who are also both licensed social workers, interviewed dozens of single parents to find out their stories and to help others navigate the sometimes murky waters of adopting alone.

Some adopted a decade or more ago, some more recently. There are single moms and dads. Many give personal insights into finding support as a single parent in a two-parent world, finances, work-home issues, dating and helping your child find his or her place in society, especially during the teen years.

As an adoptive single parent myself, I was most interested in how people came to adopt. Most were in their 40s, and many came to the decision after coming out of a long-term relationship and felt their biological clock ticking down. Others had a biological child and wanted a sibling for them. Still others felt “the calling” for more altruistic reasons. It also touches on biracial adoption, which is a growing trend in the adoption world.

There’s even a section in the back where children talk about their adoptions. One 31-year-old woman said of her adoption, “I have a unique history that is fascinating and interesting to others and is a source of pride for me.”

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