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Son's movie becomes a family affair

A scene from "The Ninjas of Burgundy Drive"

A scene from "The Ninjas of Burgundy Drive" Credit: Harrison McKenna

When the teachers ask my son what he did during the summer vacation, he can reply, “I made a movie.”

“The Ninjas of Burgundy Drive” came to be after Harrison, then 9, got an idea for a story, grabbed a spiral notebook and went to his room for a few hours over two or three days to write the script. He then got my husband to shoot it with his Samsung Galaxy on a trip to see family last summer in Texas. Yes, the folks are in the 17-minute movie, and Harrison and his cousins look bigger now.

Harrison and his dad edited the movie this summer, premiering it at a recent family reunion in the Poconos.

For those of you who find bloopers and holes in the story, you’ll be glad to know: I have volunteered to edit his next script.

You can watch it here:

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