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Summer-inspired baby names revealed the top summer-inspired baby names. revealed the top summer-inspired baby names. Credit: iStock

Choosing your baby's name can be quite overwhelming. I remember that before my husband and I got married, we both had names we liked for our future children. But, as new parents find, when the time comes to actually pick a name, often it's hard to agree on one. And with more than 30,000 names in use, there's no shortage of options.

To help parents decide, BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital resource, compiled some favorite names inspired by the summer season. Take a look:

Coral: Conjures images of the big, blue sea and sun-soaked hues.

Sailor: Ahoy, baby — a name good for a boy or a girl.

Skye: Variants on this name are Sky and Skylar.

Summer: An obvious choice!

Dahlia: A summertime perennial flower.

Solange: This name means "angel of the sun."

Kai: The name is Hawaiian for "sea."

June, July and August: The months of summer provide plenty of baby name inspiration. Other options: Junia, Juliet, Augusto, and more.

Storm: Although most often associated with boys, the name Storm could work for a little girl too.

Liberty: The unofficial start of the summer season, the Fourth of July lends us many potential baby names, including Liberty, America, Freedom and more.

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