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Survey: Baby's name can affect future lovelife

When you name your baby, consider that the

When you name your baby, consider that the name you choose might affect his or her future lovelife. Credit: iStock

I suppose I need to thank my parents, who named me after my paternal great-grandmother Bertha but chose to use the first letter of her name to do so.

Because apparently being named Bertha would have negatively affected my love life, according to a survey conducted by

“Names do have an effect on choosing a mate,” Jennifer Moss, founder of the site, said in a news release.

The website conducted a three-year survey with 25,000 respondents. While initially only 31 percent of respondents said that a first name affected their dating preferences, after being asked if they would date someone named Bertha, Wilma, Gertrude, Adolf, Barney or Elmo, 71 percent of the respondents said yes, it did matter.

The survey allowed for comments. One person's feedback on Bertha: “Sounds like a frumpy old lady."

So moms and dads, keep this in mind when you’re choosing your baby’s names. See more on the survey at is a website dedicated to maintaining an ethnically diverse database of names and meanings.


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