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Survey: What moms really want -- and don't want -- for Mother's Day


Before 2015 Mother's Day, Newsday met with Long Island moms at the Long Beach boardwalk to ask a few questions regarding motherhood. April 29, 2015. (Credit: Newsday / Jessica Rotkiewicz)

Half of American moms admit that the gift they do not want to receive this Mother's Day is a gym membership or personal trainer, according to new research.

In an survey of more than 1,000 adults, 40 percent of moms do not want a cookbook or cooking classes, 31 percent would not like perfume and 25 percent do not want chocolates or a tablet.

So what do moms want for Mother's Day? The survey found the top gift on moms' wish list is quality time with their family (60 percent). What's more, 65 percent of men chose family time as the best gift for mom this year. Other things on her wish list include a clean house (52 percent), a spa day (44 percent), a gift card to their favorite store (40 percent) and flowers or fine dining out (36 percent).

More than one in 10 (12 percent) of dads polled plan to dish out between $100 and $250, while 6 percent will spend more than $250. But mom doesn't expect you to break the bank this year. According to the survey, 35 percent admit that $20 to $50 is the right amount to spend on a Mother's Day gift.


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