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Take the 'Teddy Bear Challenge' at Roosevelt Field

The World's Softest Teddy Bear Challenge comes to

The World's Softest Teddy Bear Challenge comes to Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City this weekend. Credit: handout

The creative minds at Toy Island believe they've invented the World's Softest Teddy Bear -- and to try to prove it to Long Island kids, the toymaker is bringing a "Pepsi Challenge" style competition to Roosevelt Field mall on Saturday and Sunday.

The "World's Softest Teddy Bear Challenge" is set to take place from noon to 6 p.m. each day. Mall visitors will be blindfolded and given two stuffed animals, one from The Original World's Softest brand and one from a competitor, to hold, hug and squish before casting their votes. Participation is free. To see the results as they unfold, visit

Participants can win prizes immediately and also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win a number of prizes at the end of the tour. The tour is also visiting malls in Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles before it ends on June 9.

 "Our team has spent years holding and hugging teddy bears from all around the world, says Amelia Herdrich, director of product development and marketing at Techno Source, which owns Toy Island. "We think we’ve discovered the perfect combination of hand-feel, lightness, and hug-ability to create the world’s softest teddy bears.  But, you tell us."

Herdrick is so confident, she jokingly adds, "If these aren't the world’s softest teddy bears, we’ll even double your allowance.”

The plush animals -- in addition to Teddy bears, the line includes a horse, a puppy, a unicorn and more -- aren't out yet; they should be on Toys R Us shelves this summer. They'll cost $20 and less depending on the size.

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