Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

The 'place' to get the best back-to-school bargains

Boomers! in Medford is hosting their annual School

Boomers! in Medford is hosting their annual School Supply Drive throughout the month of August for Long Island children in need. Credit: David Franklin

This year, my back-to-school shopping took me to several locations.

My home office. A craft closet in my son’s room. The kitchen drawers.

With my son entering the fifth grade, I had the luxury of several years’ worth of school supplies, seemingly discarded after being sent home at the end of each year. The scavenger hunt uncovered an unused box of No. 2 pencils and a whole bunch of loose ones in good shape, several unopened glue sticks, double-sided folders that looked brand new and came in the required colors, tons of black and blue pens, two highlighters, a 1-1/2-inch binder, a pencil case that survived the fourth grade nicely and a messenger bag my son used during summer vacation.

The supplies I had left to buy — graph paper notebook, folders in colors we didn’t have, composition and spiral notes, a pencil sharpener — ended up totaling $12.96.

Now, if I could only do the same to bring down the annual cost of gas, food, housing and family fun.

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