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The sneaker showdown

Jonathan wears an outfit that Mom picked out

Jonathan wears an outfit that Mom picked out for him, but recently he disagreed with Mom's sneaker choice. Credit: Shameka Dudley

On a recent morning while getting our son, Jonathan, ready to go to Nana’s house for the day we had what will now be known as the “Sneaker Showdown of 2012.” OK, it wasn’t that serious but a cute lesson in picking your battles.

Jonathan’s dad, Andre, often picks out the baby’s clothes and packs his diaper bag before he leaves for work in the morning, about two hours before the little man and I leave. But recently Andre didn’t have enough time to get the clothes together, leaving the task to Mommy (which is fine, because I often tweak or completely change what Daddy picks, anyway).

So I pull out a jean jacket with matching pants, which I will be gifting to my nephew Miles in the coming weeks, and a cute orange and white plaid button up shirt. I wanted Jonathan to put on his all white Jordans with the blue trim, so when I went to put them on, he says to me, “No, Mama, not the baby’s shoes,” and jumps down off my lap in search of another pair of sneakers. Not in their usual spot, anywhere in the house he takes them off, I went upstairs and brought him down two pairs of sneakers: another pair of blue and white Jordans and a pair of all black Nike Shoxs. I showed him the white pair first, in hopes he would choose them to match his outfit. He again responded, “No, Mama, not the baby’s shoes!” I then handed him the black sneakers, and I received the nod of approval, along with a “danks, Mama!”

Now, in my mind, the white sneakers would have been a perfect complement to his little denim outfit. And I of course could have demanded he wear them, but I like that he’s coming into his own sense of self and style and that he’s able to express himself without falling out and having a tantrum. Or, maybe the black sneakers are the most comfortable of the three. Either way, we got out the house on time, and he looked as cute as ever!

Do you allow your children to pick out their own clothes or change what you've picked for them already? Please share your stories here.

Writer’s note: I just wanted to mention, while my son is wearing name-brand sneakers, all three were purchased at the Nike outlet store and were an additional 30 percent off the discounted price.


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