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The ultimate hospital bag checklist

Find out what you really need to pack

Find out what you really need to pack for the hospital, courtesy of Thyme Maternity. Credit: Handout

When I was pregnant with my now 2-year-old daughter, I was given so much advice I thought my head could explode. And the one thing friends and family harped on was making sure I packed my bag for the hospital at least a month before my due date.

So I listened and packed my special bag. I made sure I had the "going home" outfit for the baby, pajamas, a robe, slippers, camera — you name it, I packed it. Maggie decided to come 11 days early and although I had most of my bag packed, I threw in last-minute essentials.

Of course there were things I forgot — my hair dryer, a T-shirt because the hospital was so warm, my phone charger — all things my husband was able to bring up to the hospital since we lived a few miles away.

If you're looking for a simple list to make sure you pack your hospital bag with all the right things, check out this ultimate checklist from Thyme Maternity, a new line of maternity clothes sold exclusively at Babies R Us:

For you (for the delivery)
— Completed hospital registration forms
— Insurance cards
— Your driver's license (and your partner's) for admission to the hospital
— Birth plan (if you have one)
— Slippers
— Socks — your toes can get chilly during labor
— Massage oil or lotion (A massage can relieve back pain)
— Music, magazines or a book to help you relax and pass the time
— A headband or elastic

For you (for after the delivery)
— A comfy loosefitting going-home outfit
— A three-piece pajama set
— Your usual toiletries
— A few pairs of underwear

For your baby
— Two or three one-piece pajamas
— Two or three receiving blankets
— A going-home outfit and hat
— 2 pairs of socks or booties
— A baby blanket suitable to the weather
— A jacket or snowsuit for winter babies
— An infant car seat

For the birth partner
— A change of clothes
— A watch with a second hand to time contractions (or there are apps you can download on mobile phones that time contractions for you)
— A bathing suit if a water birth is planned
— A cellphone and charger
— A camera or video camera (don't forget batteries or a charger)
— Snacks and drinks

If you plan on nursing
— Nursing bras
— Nursing pads
— Nursing pajamas and tops
— Nipple ointment
— Nursing pillow

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