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They Might Be Giants' Danny Weinkauf International Songwriting Competition finalist

Danny Weinkauf, Grammy-winning musician and composer, and bassist

Danny Weinkauf, Grammy-winning musician and composer, and bassist for “They Must Be Giants,” at his in-home studio in Lynbrook, on April 14, 2014. Credit: Heather Walsh

Lynbrook musician Danny Weinkauf — who released his first solo children's CD called “No School Today” in 2014 —  is a finalist for children's music in the annual International Songwriting Competition for an as yet unreleased tune called “Elephants (Get Out of the Way).” Weinkauf is also the longtime bass player for the Brooklyn band They Might Be Giants.

Weinkauf’s original song tells the story of a farmer in Sri Lanka who had the unfortunate luck of starting a farm in the middle of an elephant migration path. The elephants refuse to reroute and the farm is trampled. The song is one of 16 remaining children's songs finalists.

“The lyrics to the verses are factual about elephants — females are called cows, males are called bulls. There’s a lot of educational information within the song that may have helped bring it to the forefront,” Weinkauf says.

For the competition, Weinkauf recorded the song with the help of his 13-year-old daughter Lena and one of her friends. Weinkauf says he hopes that They Might Be Giants might perform the song on the band’s next children’s album.

Weinkauf will find out in April if he wins the $25,000 grand prize. If he does, he’ll use it to produce a second solo CD, he says.

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