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Time-saving secrets for busy moms

The e-book,

The e-book, "If Mom Had Three Minutes" written by Karen Kaufman Orloff and created by Clorox offers busy parents time-saving tips. Credit: Handout

Who hasn't used the expression "If only I had more hours in a day?" I often think about that when I finally drift off to sleep, after Maggie's bedtime routine (which consists of what I call the three B's: bath, books and bottle), after cleaning up all the toys that are covering my living room floor and  finally after I'm able to read one chapter in a book or watch a TV show. I'm not sure what I would do if I had more hours in a day. My hope would be to do something I love; maybe treat myself to a pedicure, hit a few stores without a toddler in tow or get on the elliptical that I "had to have" and almost never use.

I'm always looking for time-saving tips to help me get through the day. And just like most parents, juggling work, chores and children isn't always easy. Plus, any down time I do have I want to spend it with Maggie.

So to help you try to find more time in a day, Clorox reached out to moms across the country and asked them to share their best multi-tasking tips. Then they compiled the tips into a free e-book called "If Mom Had Three Minutes," written by Karen Kaufman Orloff.

Here, Orloff and Vera Sweeney, chief executive of I'm Not Obsessed Media and mom blogger, offer their six favorite multi-tasking tips from the book:

1.  Work out as you're putting away groceries. Take advantage of cans and heavy bags of flour to sneak in some bicep curls.

2. Set a timer and have the kids race to see who can put their toys away fastest. Adding a little music to the mix makes it fun, too.

3. Roll your hair in hot rollers and let them set while doing daily tasks, like laundry and making the beds.

4. Create a cleaning challenge with your little one. You clean the counter while your child uses a baby wipe to clean up their play kitchen. The winner gets to take a nap!

5. Deep condition your hair while you scrub the sink and toilet so you'll have clean hair and a clean bathroom.

6. Make vacuuming a game with your kids. Throw a wig or mask on the vacuum and chase the kids so they enjoy the play time while you cross off a to-do.

Download the free e-book and get more time-saving tips on Clorox's Facebook page and share your multi-tasking secrets below.


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