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Top baby names of 2013

Jackson and Sophia are king and queen of

Jackson and Sophia are king and queen of baby names in 2013.

You can often tell how old a person is by their name. Baby names fall in and out of vogue in 5- and 10-year clips, it seems, with those at the top of the list sometimes holding their spots for an entire generation.

My parents were ahead of their time when they named me Jessica, a name so uncommon that I sometimes had to spell it for people who had never heard it. Fast-forward to 1981, and I couldn't visit a mall without hearing a dozen mothers call out my name. The high-profile notoriety lasted until around 1997, when my name was overtaken by the likes of Emily, Hannah and Madison, who dominated the birth certificates of the next wave of baby girls.

Today, announced its annual list of the top baby names of 2013. Jackson moved up one spot to claim the top boy’s name, ending Aiden’s eight-year reign, and Sophia held tight as leader of the girls list for the fourth year in a row. 

Top 10 Baby Names of 2013

Girls Boys
Sophia Jackson
Emma Aiden
Olivia Liam
Isabella Lucas
Mia Noah
Ava Mason
Lily Jayden
Zoe Ethan
Emily Jacob
Chloe Jack

In an interesting shift, more than half of the moms surveyed said the names they chose for their babies were influenced by people they know, versus celebrities, as had been the case for a long time. Still, pop culture did have a major effect on some naming trends. Here are the biggest influencers:

"Duck Dynasty" - Korie, Mia, Phil, Sadie, Silas and Willie all moved up on the list.

The royal baby - George is up 37 percent as a girl's name, as well at 10 percent as a boy's name.

Celebrities - The name Kanye moved up 2,228 spots -- nearly 40 percent -- in the boy's name ranking. Alec (Baldwin), Jason (Sudeikis), Jon (Stewart), Stephen (Colbert and Merchant) and Fred (Armisen) also moved up.

And it's apparent that bad behavior doesn't pay, as these names all fell in the rankings: Reese (Witherspoon) plummeted 45 percent, Amanda (Bynes) tumbled 37 percent, Paula (Deen) slipped 20 percent, and Lindsay (Lohan) dropped 17 percent. However, Miley (Cyrus) actually moved up 16 spots -- 3 percent -- on the girls' list.

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