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LI college kids join in viral Thanksgiving prank on their moms

Christina Leonard, right, 53, of Rockville Centre, shared

Christina Leonard, right, 53, of Rockville Centre, shared the exchange she had with daughter Jillian, 20, a junior at the University of Delaware, when Jillian asked how to cook a turkey in the microwave. Credit: Christina Leonard

Parents of college kids have been getting pranked for Thanksgiving in an internet joke that’s gone viral — the students message their moms saying they’re planning a Friendsgiving at school and need to know how to cook a 25-pound turkey in their microwave.

The students — and their parents — have been posting the resulting exchanges on social media sites.

“They’re really funny,” says Kathy Baxley, 54, of Rockville Centre, who posted a screenshot of her exchange with her daughter, Julia, 18, a freshman at New York University, on a Rockville Centre Moms Facebook group. “Everybody started sharing screenshots of their text conversations with their kids.”

Karen Riccio, 48, of Rockville Centre, got the question from her son, Tyler, 19, a sophomore at the University of Georgia. “I wouldn’t put anything past my son,” Riccio says. “I’ve learned never ever to tell him not to do something. He’s pretty headstrong, and he’ll do exactly what you tell him not to.”

She advised him to Google instructions and be sure to use a meat thermometer, and she also expressed doubt that a 25-pound turkey would fit into a microwave. Says Tyler of pranking his mom: “I just wanted to see what she would say.”

Christina Leonard, 53, of Rockville Centre, shared the exchange she had with daughter Jillian Leonard, 20, a junior at the University of Delaware. “My daughter, for how bright she is, she definitely sometimes lacks common sense,” Leonard jokes. Fortunately for Leonard, when she got the text, she was at her own Friendsgiving with other moms who already knew about the joke and clued her in. So she texted her daughter back, “Two weeks.” Responded Jillian: “ already saw.” But, Leonard admits, “She had me for a second.”

Even graduate students and millennials are getting into the act. Joan Healy, 53, of Centerport, says her son Will, a 25-year-old law student at St. John’s University, posed the question to her and she fell for it, thinking he was seriously asking for her advice. “This may be the funniest question I have ever been asked in my life,” she responded. “To start, you don’t cook a turkey in the microwave, LOL.”

And some students turned to Dad instead of Mom. Noelle Gotimer, 19, a sophomore at SUNY Oswego, texted John Gotimer of Malverne for his advice. He gets the Dad of the Year Award for his response: "No can do. You need a real oven for a turkey. I will Venmo you money so you can get an already made turkey." Noelle says she felt really bad for fooling him after his offer. She quickly texted back, "ITS A JOKE. ur so cute tho. i love u."

Patricia Leake, 50, of Rockville Centre, says she got the text from her daughter, Bridget, 20, a junior at SUNY Cortland, at 8:45 at night. “This from a girl who doesn’t even make grilled cheese,” Leake says. “It wouldn’t surprise me if she tried to do it.”

She texted her daughter back, “You can’t.” But then, to make sure, she called her, because her daughter texted that the guys next door were coming over to share the turkey. “It scared me, because I really thought they were going to do it,” she says. “Then they started laughing. They thought it was very, very funny.”

Did Leake think so? “As long as they didn’t attempt it, yes.”


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