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UMIGO event at Middle Country Library

National UMIGO event at Middle Country Public Library

National UMIGO event at Middle Country Public Library will be held on Sept. 27, 2014. Credit: Middle Country Public Library

UMIGO, a free online world that helps early elementary-age kids discover the fundamentals of math, will be at Middle Country Library on Saturday.

The National You Make It Go Day will be held from 10 a.m. to noon in the Centerearch building where kids will be able to connect to UMIGO, an other fans, in their own communities. The interactive day will mirror the online community as it helps kids develop math skills through stories, music and games.

There will be UMIGO touch screen kiosks through the library so kids can join Bit, Bean and Dizzy, the three animated characters who star in the app episodes. Kids can use their math skills to help the gang solve problems.

Off-screen activities include a Umiball Tournament, in which kids can play the games against one another, with the winning team moving on to play the next group. There will be UMI art projects and Wingspan, a communal art project for children and adults to mark their height and wingspan on a wall using colorful markers. As more visitors come, patterns emerge.

What's more, beginning in October, UMIGO music videos will be available on Ziosk tabletop tablets at more than 1,000 restaurants throughout the country.

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