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Vacation habits of more than 2,500 families revealed in new survey

The Wyndham Rewards Program survey revealed travel habits

The Wyndham Rewards Program survey revealed travel habits of more than 2,500 U.S. families. Credit: Wyndham

When given the choice, more parents said they would rather have a vacation than be debt free, according to new research.

A national survey from the global hotel loyalty program Wyndham Rewards compared the travel habits and current stress levels of more than 2,500 children and parents across the United States. The study found more than half of kids think they are better at planning family getaways and they recognize that their parents have truly earned a vacation. In fact, about 96 percent of kids think their parents are in need of a vacation, with mothers taking the crown as the family member who most deserves a break. Here are some other key findings from the survey:

-- Many parents think planning a vacation is more stressful than visiting their in-laws. And 76 percent feel more stressed or as stressed today than they were last summer.

-- Fifty-nine percent of moms and 44 percent of dads said staying within budget is the most stressful part of planning a vacation.

-- Most kids (91 percent) believe that parents are more relaxed while on vacation yet more than half (51 percent) wouldn't give up their summer vacation so their parents could take more trips.

-- More kids (24 percent) would choose to take their pet with them on vacation over their siblings (15 percent).

-- About 48 percent of kids like their parents more on vacation than when at home and 45 percent also say they fight less with siblings when on vacation.

-- Sorry, Dad, but more than half (59 percent) of kids consider Mom the better vacation planner.

-- Seventy-two percent of parents say they use their mobile devices less when on vacation. But 20 percent of kids say that their parents using a cellphone is the thing their parents do that bothers them the most while on vacation.

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