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Good Morning

When bad lyrics go good

Human ear headphone listening music player sound. (undated)

Human ear headphone listening music player sound. (undated) Credit:

In this moment of skank apparently gripping our pop-culture-loving nation, I thought it would be a good time to remind other parents that not every child has developed Mileycytosis or related maladies.

One of my friends from the gym who is a big fan of Pitbull (and therefore not a prude when it comes to racy lyrics) recently told me about how pleased she is about her 10-year-old son’s take on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” While the duo’s Pharrell told Rolling Stone that the song is about “meeting someone for the first time and just clicking,” the lyrics declare, “We’re up all night till the sun … up all night to get some … all night to get lucky.”

Her son’s interpretation: It’s about having a great night at an Atlantic City casino.

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