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Yolo, Guru, more unusual baby names of 2014

BabyCenter revealed the most unusual baby names of

BabyCenter revealed the most unusual baby names of 2014. Credit: ISTOCK

Yolo and Guru top BabyCenter's most unusual names of 2014.

The pregnancy and parenting digital platform coined 2014 as the "year of the brand-name baby," with moms' favorite things, including Audi, Lorde, Dior, Dodge, Hennessy, Hershey, Hilton, Nivea, Royce and Sephora.

The annual BabyCenter baby-naming survey found that 52 percent of parents said they liked unusual name. The survey polled nearly half a million parents who shared their baby's name with the website in 2014.

Some unusual baby girl names that made the list: Amore, Elowen, Etsy, Holiday, Juju, Lynix, Melrose, Moon, Pixie, Rhythm, Saffron, Sea and Tymber.

Unusual names for boys: Anthem, Basil, Denim, Falcon, Mclean, Moody, Piers, Ranger, Simba, Tiger, Vino, Wolf and Zeppeli.

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