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'Your Santa Story,' a new personalized Christmas DVD

Create a personalized DVD featuring Santa Claus on

Create a personalized DVD featuring Santa Claus on for $29.95. Credit: Handout

Every family has their own holiday traditions that make their celebrations unique. 

Growing up, my family had Christmas morning rituals that included taking pictures by the tree in our pajamas and opening up stocking stuffers first, followed by presents. 

I remember writing Santa letters and, of course, meeting him at the mall. Now, kids can receive an up-close-and-personal customized DVD featuring Old St. Nick.

"Your Santa Story" is a personalized, family-specific DVD that features an authentic-looking Santa Claus who talks to each child in the family by name. Mom and Dad can choose talking points like how the kids are doing in school, with sports, piano lessons and more. Santa can even tell them he has hidden one last gift and disclose its location. 

It's also quick and easy to build the DVD online. Simply visit , and the site will walk you through story design and offer suggestions for what to include. It took me about 10 minutes to create.

My husband and I received the DVD recently and we loved it. My 21-month-old doesn't quite "get" Christmas yet but she knows about Santa, and I think she's going to love it -- plus, it's something we can hang on to for next year as we start making our own Christmas morning memories. 

"Your Santa Story" DVD is available for $29.95 with a limited supply for 2012. 

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