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3 new eye creams to try

Radical Skincare's new Eye Revive Creme with soothing

Radical Skincare's new Eye Revive Creme with soothing cucumber extract is available for $125 at Credit: Radical Skincare

Say goodbye to dark circles and hello to looking refreshed with these new products:

1. You could cover your eyes with cucumber slices, but better, try Radical Skincare's new Eye Revive Créme with soothing cucumber extract. Full of antioxidants like acai berry and grape seed extract, the product targets wrinkles and puffiness, while improving firmness, $125; at

2. Go after dark circles and puffiness with Hydroxatone's Hydrolyze Instant Under Eye Illuminator, with optical light diffusers to brighten, and peptides and plant extracts (horse chestnut, thistle fruit) to improve circulation and combat signs of aging, $49; at select Ulta stores and

3. I love an eye cream with sun protection, which you get in Clinique's new Superdefense SPF20 Age Defense Eye Cream with the sunscreen titanium dioxide. The cream also has ingredients to help skin around the eyes fight external stresses and maintain collagen, $39.50; at makeup counters and

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