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7 style tips for summer wedding guests from Monte Durham of 'Say Yes to the Dress'

TLC'S "Say Yes to the Dress" star Monte

TLC'S "Say Yes to the Dress" star Monte Durham gives tips for guests on dressing for summer weddings. Credit: Amanda Reed

Monte Durham is known for working magic when helping brides find the gown of their dreams on TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress," but he also knows a thing or two about how wedding guests can dress to impress. Don't let your style go stale no matter how many weddings you have to attend this summer. Just follow Durham's seven easy tips (but try not to outshine the bride!)

1. “You don’t want to wear hot colors,” Durham says. Stay away from reds, oranges and browns.

2. Go for pastels. “Think creamsicles, think ice cream, think mint,” he says.

3. Choose fabrics that are light and soft, such as linen.

4. Choose your nail polish wisely. “Load up on color on your fingernails and toenails."

5. Accessorize. “Add some color with bangles and earrings."

6. Don’t overdose on makeup. “Keep your makeup clean, and add a little bit of sun (or bronzer if your skin doesn’t take well to the sun,” Durham says. “Go for dark brown eyeliner and mascara instead of black to keep your makeup from looking too harsh in the daylight.”

7. Top it off. “A beautiful straw hat always looks summer and is always picture perfect."


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