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A cold weather pedicure must-have

Pedi-sox are ideal for a winter pedicure, $7-10

Pedi-sox are ideal for a winter pedicure, $7-10 at Credit:

When getting a pedicure in the cold weather you are faced with a dilemma, grin and bear the cold and wear your flip flops out of the salon or wrap your toes with plastic wrap and put your shoes and socks back on and hope for the best. 

A great way to prevent your feet from getting cold and keeping that pedicure flawless is by using a pair of Pedi-Sox. 

These toeless socks are made of heavy weight cotton and you slip them on your feet just before the polish is applied allowing you to wear your flip flops. Your feet will stay warm as your toes will dry perfectly. 

They make a great gift and are available online at in a variety of styles for $7-10 a pair. 

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