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Amazon’s Echo Look is your new virtual stylist

The latest from Amazon: Echo Look, a virtual

The latest from Amazon: Echo Look, a virtual stylist that will help you put together an outfit. It will be available shortly. Credit: Amazon

Stylist anyone? A virtual one has arrived.

“Do I look fat in this dress?” That’s a question you’ll likely never have to ask your mom, roommate, husband or significant other again when trying to decide on an outfit. That’s because that handy dandy Amazon Alexa — the one that tells you the weather, plays music, and gives you the time it will take to get where you’re going — has a brand-new fashion function, called Echo Look.

It’s a variation on the theme of other smart home cameras such as Nest, which is home security focused. But Echo Look takes full-length, hands-free photos and videos of your outfit from every angle, operating as a virtual fashion consultant. There’s a companion app that allows you to create a personal lookbook and there’s even a “Style Check” that somehow meshes “machine learning algorithms” with fashion experts that will give you a second opinion.

Yeah, this thing is judgie, as in judging your outfit, though not harsh. Like it won’t indicate that one outfit is r-e-a-l-l-y bad, it will simply check off its preference for another. The Echo Look will run $199.99 at and is expected to start shipping shortly. In the meantime, just ask folks you trust if your tush looks big in those pants.

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