Fallen in love with the photo of the lacy sleeveless sheath worn by Milla Jovovich in the windows of Ann Taylor stores?

The perfect summer dress and a whole lotta pretty for $198 right?

Fuggetabout it, unless you want to pay more than the sticker price on eBay. 

The dress, which reportedly sold out in two days at all Ann Taylor locations, has turned up on eBay, about 14 of them, being sold by different owners, one already up to $316.99, and one, a 00 petite, asking $399.

So what’s a girl who’s used to getting what she wants to do? Either find your size and pay more on eBay or find something else to wear Memorial Day. 

Although reportedly the company is trying to get more of these lovelies, one salesperson at the Manhasset Ann Taylor was less than optimistic.  Do they have the dress?

  “No honey, it’s completely sold out.”  Can we get on a wait list to purchase the dress?  “Unless someone returns it, there’s really no way to get it.”


Wait, this just in. A spokeswoman for the company tells us, "We are going to get 100 more soon – sold in an exclusive way."  We'll keep you posted. 

The Ann Taylor summer sizzler. (Handout Photo)

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