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Battleshop: The new online fantasy shopping game

Battleshop is a new fantasy shopping game that

Battleshop is a new fantasy shopping game that rivals fantasy sports league experiences.

A group of social media savvy, fashion loving Long Islanders has launched a new online game -- – that may satisfy fashionable shoppers’ lust the same way that fantasy sports leagues sate sport fanatics.

In 2012, six friends in Islip came upon the idea for the game. “We were all sitting around having a conversation about the obsessions with fantasy sports,” says Stephanie Lozito, the company’s chief executive, whose day job is at a digital advertising tech company. According to Lozito, the group worked on the concept for 2½ years until arriving at the finished game, which launched in late June. “In fantasy sports, you draft all different players, build a fantasy team, add a salary cap and create a dream team within your budget,” Lozito said. In Battleshop she says, the dream team is your “Closet.” 

Here’s how it works: Battlshop requires players to virtually shop for a required “fashion roster,” comparable to fantasy sports player lineup. This is a list, provided on a weekly basis, of 30 specific items of clothing and accessories with that players virtually purchase and use to fill their “Closets.” Participants must stay within a virtual budget of $5,000 (in sports, a salary cap). The goal is to fill and lock the “Closet” which in turn, battles other players. At the end of each week, players share their “Closets” and players vote on the best, winning not only bragging rights, but also gift cards in $50 to $100 denominations. There’s a bunch of social-media-sharing applications that allow players to share fashion finds across Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

For lovers of shopping, clothing and accessories Battleshop, which is free to play and win, is a fun way to indulge their shopping fantasies and get immersed in the trends without spending a nickel. For Lozito and friends, the game is an opportunity to make money with advertising partnerships and sponsors. For gals who love fashion and find themselves in the category of “fantasy sports widows”  (as in their fellas are immersed in football or baseball fantasy sports leagues), it’s something just for them. And, adds Lozito, “it’s a customized wish list generator.”  Sounds like a win-win-win. 

We'd love to hear what our fashion forward readers think of Battleshop. If you play it, let us know your thoughts by commenting here.

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