Having Susan Nethero fit your bra is akin to having Martha Stewart cater your wedding. Or Suze Orman handle your investments. Or Cesar Millan train your dog. In fact, she’s been called the bra whisperer - -though in my mind fairy godmother might be more accurate.

You may not recognize the name, but you know her. Think back to 2005 when Oprah Winfrey famously proclaimed that up to 85 percent of us are wearing the wrong bra size. It was Nethero who brought her to that conclusion -- and who continues to work her bra-intervention magic on “The Oprah Show,” along with “Today," “How to Look Good Naked,” and countless other shows.

Now the Atlanta-based Nethero has opened a new Manhattan flagship (Third Avenue at 62nd), which she showed off last week in between doing what she does best -- putting people in the right bra.

She works, as she puts it, holistically -- meaning no tape measures involved. She’ll size you up in an instant, then present a selection of bras that are nowhere near the size you think you wear (most of which fit perfectly and are so beautiful they shouldn’t be relegated to underwear).

The key, she points out, is getting the right band size. Most of us go too big, which leads to all the problems--discomfort, back fat, slipping straps.

While Nethero’s gone back home, she’s left the store in good hands --  the sales staff has been through her “bra boot camp.” Appointments are suggested since the fitting does take awhile; schedule one online (myintimacy.com)

Definitely worth a trip to the city, though that may not be neccesssary down the road. Nethero says she’s scouting locations on Long Island. 

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Susan Nethero. Handout Photo