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Bridal gown breaks world record with 1.85-mile train

Model Emma Dumitrescu, 17, poses to show the

Model Emma Dumitrescu, 17, poses to show the world's longest wedding dress train during a Guinness World Record attempt in Bucharest, Romania. Romania has set the world record for the world's longest bridal train. (March 20, 1012) Credit: AP

There has been some tension between Romania and the Netherlands lately, since Dutch leaders snubbed Romanians by trying to keep them out of the European Union's visa-free travel zone.

But it's Romania's interesting choice for a comeback that is making headlines.

"If the Netherlands does not allow us into Europe, we'll take them out of the world records book," Romanian Alin Caraman told The Associated Press.

Caraman wasn't joking, as he helped organize the creation of a Guiness World Record breaking bridal gown with a 1.85-mile long train.

The previous record, held by the Dutch, measured about 1.5 miles long.

The gown was designed by Bucharest fashion label Andree Salon and took 10 seamstresses 100 days to construct.

Reportedly made with more than $7,000 worth of French lace and Italian taffetta, the train was then paraded around Bucharest's Palace of the Parliament Tuesday in a hot air balloon. It was worn by 17-year-old Romanian model Emma Dumitrescu.

Perhaps the person really getting the short end of this deal is the man who marries her one day. How do you upstage this bridal moment? That's one serious bridezilla in the making.

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