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Britney Spears is Candie’s new fashion designer

Britney Speers designs for Candies. (Undated)

Britney Speers designs for Candies. (Undated) Credit: Handout

Britney Spears has a new gig as fashion designer for Kohl’s department stores. 

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the retailer will announce on Thursday, “a limited edition, co-branded collection from Candie’s and Spears,” with merchandise – edgy basics such as jeans, skirts, leggings and sleeveless turtleneck dresses – that will range in price from $14 to $78.  She already sells handbags and jewelry collections for the Candie’s label.

Though it’s not surprising that a celeb lend her name to a brand, for Spears it underscores a case of the ultimate rehab.  At one point, the paparazzi-stalked pop star’s image was darkly tarnished by a series of public incidents including a bizarre head shaving and ambulance-transported hospitalizations for off-the-wall seeming craziness.

But that’s old news.  Today, Spears’ image and pocketbook is benefitting from her comeback album, “Circus,” and two hit singles -- ”Womanizer” and “3.”

Spears, who was interviewed by WWD, seemed highly involved in the design process.  “I wanted to design clothes that I would wear and my fans would wear.  That was the most important thing to me,” she told the publication.  “I met with the design team for Candie’s and Kohl’s, and we started making sketches and designed the line.  I got to approve every single piece in the line.  It was really a lot of fun.”

She added, “This collection really represents my personal style.  I took pieces from my ‘Circus’ tour and pieces that I wear every day.  I love denim, so I made sure to include lots of jeans.”  She said that the best piece of fashion advice she ever received was, “always be comfortable,” and supposedly the collection reflects an ease and comfort.

The first merchandise drop comes in July, with two others to follow in September and October reports WWD. If they sell-out, there will be no re-order, which is why Kohl’s is calling the line “limited edition.”

The brand will be supported by a national marketing campaign featuring images of Spears donning her Candie’s duds, and personal messages from the singer in her own handwriting such as, “Love this skirt for dancing…fun & flirty.”  The tag line for the brand is, “Designed by me for you.”

Oh yes, and Spears turned the famously overused Britney-ism, “Oops, I did it again,” into a positive, when she told WWD, “I had such a blast designing this line and would love to do it again.”  No “oops,” needed. 

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